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anonymous kph

Which film should I en-J?

in-J-nius! Only four films do I have to watch which start with the letter J.

They are as follows:

J's us!

Standard Smithee poll caveats apply. Non-standard ones as well. Heh heh heh.

I need to get around to watching Inseminoid. I still have a week....

[EDIT: Everybody but booniverse and pattimst3k voted for The Jackhammer Massacre, so I guess we'll see how poundeth the holy jackhammer, to misquote Adrian Rantilla]
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Ha! First vote. I think my decision was made when I looked at the cover of Johnny Firecloud and saw "BUMMER!" written in big bold letters. Yes. Yes it is. I hope your cover is similar?
Nope. The imdb cover that you saw is for the Something Weird two-pack of Johnny Firecloud and Bummer!. I expected you to vote for a different movie. One vote and already it's turning eeeenteresting.
I once again shall vote for the one that sounds the most like porn... Jackhammer Massacre it is!
What's the tag line on this one, "It's More Expensive than a Chainsaw!"?
According to my box, it's "Self-destruction is only the beginning," which is a real lost opportunity, if you ask me. It should have been "Road construction is only the beginning."
I gotta vote for J.C. If the Savior ever comes, I hope he's a bad-ass rebel who is also gay. Cuz that would blast the fuck outta the neocon religious right folks!
From your friendly part-Jew who actually thinks that the Savior is us!


Yeah, I think I have to go with Jackhammer Massacre on this one. Not that it needed my help.

-Sean K.
So noted.