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The 2006 Ann Arbor Show Blow by Blow Recap

Or there abouts. Congratulations one and all for surviving another year of Smithees! Give yourselves a pat on the back or another Long Island Iced Tea (which ever is more appropriate).

Hi ho, your Promotions Ninja here with the 2006 Ann Arbor show break down recap review. Someday I'll get an Appropriate Ninja Icon but for now, I'm bogarting Skull Cow. Anyway, this year was a pretty spectacular year for several reasons. First; your Official Ann Arbor Smithee Crew learned something very important: They don't close the Chem building until after 6pm. In past years we've arrived at 6 or shortly thereafter to find the main doors locked up tighter than a thing that is locked up really tight. Like the Chem building after 6. DOAH! This usually results in our spending a lot of time looking for alternate ways in (last year we were lucky enough to have theshunter, an old Chem Building pro who knows of doors so secret even the U has forgotten about them, with us. Other times we just hope someone is having a late review session and we catch them on the way out). Not this year, babE!

Note to selves: Plan to get to the site before 6:00pm!

Our second milestone event was a record attendance for the Ann Arbor show of 176 souls! You guys wrock (yo), and from where I was standing handing out voting kits, a lot of you old hands dragged your friends along. Every other person I talked to had never been to a Smithees (a big shout out HI! to everyone who was new this year! Hope you weathered the show reasonably well and better yet, we hope you had a good time). If this keeps up, I'm going to have to order a lot more promotional chochkies for next year. Our third milestone event was a record high low (people, not content) of 134. Incidentally, that is just 7 people shy of last year's peak audience attendance. Again, you guys wrock! Ergo we only lost 42 people to exams, prior engagements, aliens or spontaneous combustion.

The show started pretty much on timeish (early for your typical university class time, late for a job interview) after everyone had settled and partaken of the snacks. And there were snacks. badmovie, our very own Iron Chef Smithee, scrounged up some of the usual favorites (circus peanuts, giant pixie stix, generic chicken in a biscuit and my fave; two giant barrels of Utz cheese balls. I'm not sure which is more fun: saying Utz or getting ubiquitous orange dust over absolutely everything) as well as a couple new and exotic things this year. Mostly, I'm talking about the malt beverage from India and the Jones Thanksgiving Pack sodas. You would think that given 9 different choices (Turkey and Gravy, Cranberry Sauce, Brussels Sprout with Prosciutto, Pumpkin Pie, Wild Herb Stuffing, Broccoli Casserole, Smoked Salmon Pate, Corn on the Cob, and Pecan Pie) at least one of them would be palatable but you would be wrong. Even the cranberry sauce was pretty vile (I actually tried them all. Salmon should never be carbonated), although there was one fella who liked the Corn on the Cob enough to make off with a full bottle.

No. Stop. Come back with our...oh never mind.

Sometimes you just gotta let the Corn on the Cob lovers nick a Jones Soda. Or two. Of course our pile of Unhealthy Snacks was joined by audience participated snacks, which always surprises me. Not that I mind y'all bringing snacks, because frequently you bring stuff that is actually edible (yum) but still. Snacks! Have I mentioned that you audience guys wrock?

Then it was show time. I can't get into too many details as we have a second show (same material) at the Origins convention in late June but I will say that the rousing rendition of Stars and Stripes Forever got us laughing. I still don't understand the "U.S.A." chanting but spontaneous outbursting of Sousa songs rates pretty high on my amusement scale. You crazy audience folk!

We had some give away winners and such, all of whom I have pictures of (and one very blurry winner number 3) but none of whom I have names for. doah. It's sort of a moot point at the moment because I can't upload pics to the LJ unless it's a paid account, which the smithee_awards currently are not. I may have to rectify that in the future, at which point I'll splash y'all winners up on our little bit of cyber-space as threatened. Until then, rest assured that there are snaps and some day I'll get them posted.

Thanks again for coming out to our show and for reading this long winded recap (if you are still here). If you are in the mood for traveling, you can join us down in Columbus for the second and final (and much bigger) Origins show or you can wait for this fall when we'll be running our usual Mini-Smithees at U-con. Also ALSO also coming this fall: If you noticed, this year was Smithee 15, which is a Smithee divisible by 5. This can only mean another Megameta Smithee extravaganza, or a special Smithee presentation of the Smithee winners from the last 5 years. You thought this show was tough voting, try voting for the winner among winners. Event time and location TBA - watch this space (or the Official Smithee site) for details.


Our second milestone event was a record attendance for the Ann Arbor show of 176 souls!

I would rather say 176 voters. I have a feeling that we crushed a few souls on Saturday....