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anonymous kph


It's approximately time again! Please assist me in determining which movie to watch, lest I settle on one at random. Or, you know, by choosing the one which seems most pleasing to me. Or some crazy talk like that.

K-9? Try K-12! Which of these twelve K movies shall I watch, O Great Internets?

the Killer Nun
Killer Rats
Killers From Space
the Killing of Satan
Killjoy 2
Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill
Kiss the Boys
Knight Chills
Kong Island
Kraa! the Sea Monster
KvC: Komodo versus Cobra

Note the resumption of lazy in not providing imdb links. Possibly related to having 12 to hunt up instead of 4-5? Could be, rabbit, could be....

Remember: I break ties. Anonymous posters comment and I will manually add in your vote. I usually close these out after about a week, as close to 11:59:59 PM on Saturday night as I can manage. Some other stuff that I can't remember right now. You know the drill. Speaking of which, I owe you a The Jackhammer Massacre review at some point....

Although, really, it's still a lot of typing for a fundamentally lazy person. The truly lazy answer would be to just pick the movies my own darn self and not tell anyone about them. But a lot less fun. So you get to assist with K, L, M, N. I'm picking O myself, though, goshdarnit....

[EDIT: 1 for Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill, 2 for The Killer Nun, and 3 each for Kraa! The Sea Monster and KvC: Komodo Vs. Cobra. Ooh! A tie! I break those!]
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Prime rib?
I second the Killer Nun.
Although Kraa! The Sea Monster also looked...interesting.
This zoologist voted for the reptilian duel, which is guaranteed to be awful and full of terrible science to boot. However, I think it will merely be So Bad It's Horrible, but will certainly not be bad enough to make the roster of So Bad Its Horrible Films, let alone ever be considered So Bad It's Good.


I have to admit that I'm a bit tempted to recommend Killers from Space, because I've seen it and can attest to it being delightfully bad. However, the nun and reptile films sound very promising as well.

But ultimately, I vote for none of those 3. My vote goes to Kraa! the Sea Monster, because I cannot ignore a silly monster name and an exclamation point.

-Sean K.
Yeah, I had to go with Kraa! too. Has a nice Atlas Comics ring to it.
KRAA! was so tempting but for reasons snake known, I had to go with the cobra. Because cobras need to represent in this boa and python dominant world!


Always vote for...

....movies with a midget sidekick. Kraa!
We've already done Killers from Space.
We have?

Huh. So we have. I got one of those multi-packs (because it was cheaper than buying the movie I wanted by itself), and I thought I weeded out all the stuff we'd already done. Good thing nobody voted for it yet, then.