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some days you just need more Marjoe in y


Sad to report, Wishmaster 3: Long-ass Hyphenated Title does not hold a candle to Wishmaster 2, and this is not simply a case of praising with faint damns.

Jason Connery (yes, Sean's son) tries, but he is not able to pull off the air of gleeful menace that Andrew Divoff brought to the first two Wishmaster films. The plot is even more pointless, and about the only improvement is in the intelligence of the heroine, who doesn't waste both of her first two wishes ... she actually uses one to summon an angel to help her fight the djinn. I also give the movie an intangible bonus because it was shot in Manitoba (where the wind really goes sweeping down the plains).

They could have called it Wishmaster 3: A Bunch of College Kids Get Whacked, and that would have been a more accurate title than (actual title here!) Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell. Technically isn't everywhere but hell Beyond The Gates?

And I am not even going to raise the question about how she miraculously comes back to life at the end due to the tears of the Archangel Michael. It's simply too silly.