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anonymous kph

L if I know

There will be something funny going on with this one. Since I'll be out-of-state for 10-11 of these 14 days, I might not be able to watch the winning movie ... if it's one that I only have on VHS. If it's one that I also have on DVD, I can take it with me and watch it on my laptop. Which ones do I have on DVD? Well, that would be telling (5 of the 10 are on VHS). I will announce the regular winner, plus the DVD which got the most votes (if different). Maybe I'll have time to watch both. Maybe ... not so much.

"L"p me choose, "L"se I vac"L"ate.

Lady Avenger
the Last Woman on Earth
the Legend of Hell House
Lethal Panther
Lethal Panther 2
the Little Cigars
Little Mad Guy
Love Is Forever

Oh, and also this poll will be closing somewhat early -- since my flight is at 11:41 AM on the Saturday whose midnight I would normally close the poll upon. Or we can pretend that I figured out a better way to write the previous sentence, and just get on with our lives....

[EDIT: 3 movies with 0 votes, 6 movies with 1 vote, Little Cigars with 3 votes. Little Cigars is the clear winner, but it's a VHS movie. Laserhawk is my emergency backup "L" film. Little Mad Guy was like the weather -- everybody talked about it, but nobody did anything.]
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I almost voted for Laserhawk, but then I saw "Lethal Panther 2" and thought, "a sequel to a silly action movie--this is guaranteed to be sucktastic!" So I voted for it.
Huh. One reviewer said of Little Mad Guy, "This is definitely one of the funniest kung fu comedies I have ever seen." However, it is unclear to me if he's talking comedy comedy or "so bad it was funny" comedy. I loved the title and love it even more that it's a kung fu flick but I'm going to have to vote for my one-and-a-half place pick: The Little Cigars. I mean... "A gangster's former mistress hooks up with a troupe of circus midgets who, as a sideline, rob banks and casinos." ? GOLDEN!
Hmm, none of these really meet my Sounds Like Porno standards so I'm picking The Little Cigars, because the first thought that came to mind when I read it was the Monica Lewinsky scandal.
Ditto on The Little Cigars. Happy viewing, whatever you watch!


Hmm. The Little Cigar does indeed have the silliest title, but this time I think I'm going to go with Leeches. I'm going to so so because, even if they're giant leeches, I can't imagine the things being at all scary. They're awfully easy to run away from, for starters.

So, yes. Leeches.

-Sean K.
So noted.

Oh, but these are scary leeches. They grow to giant size because the high school swim team is taking steroids, and the leeches feed off them, and ... anyway, this one totally won me over on box cover alone. Even before I found out who the director (David DeCoteau) was.
I just realized: probably one of the most important things in life is being around the people you love ...

Paris Hilton doesn't think so ... did you see her last video? She is realy NUDE! I saw this video on BBC today!

Crazy people around us!

but ... but ... you didn't vote in my poll, Spam-Thing!