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Two Weeks

Holy Cow! Origins! TWO WEEKS!!!!

Umm. I need to get cracking on prep work cuz them Norberts aren't going to make themselves. Speaking of Norberts and Origins, the Guru has been exercising his creativity again and has come up with a Norbert shirt at Cafe Press (eyeslm). Two weeks is plenty of time to order one up and have it for the con. At least it better be because I'm going to do just that.



OMG! That's Ugly!

Just like my shirt of the Cyclops Angelic Cat I bought from Sore Thumbs the webcomic, in homage to the One eyed kitten that had no nose that died a while back.

I ordered the second I saw it!

Re: OMG! That's Ugly!

...and if you come find me at the con, I'll give you a free Smithee button to match your shirt *g*!
Even eye am in awwwww......
Oh no you dinnit just say "eye"!!!
Would you prefer a-"eye"-ght?
Awwwww yeah. You don't perpetrate, brau.
Holy cow! Two weeks?

I really should, uhm, ya know... write some wedding ceremonies... and possibly order the blanks for my button maker......
You can get blanks this late in the game? Woah. I am in awe of your supply-fu indeed.

Speaking of which

Can you foat some Smithee buttons for our ministry Stoles?

Re: Speaking of which

Can do.

Are we talking the preprinted "Smithee Buttons" or do you need a loan of button blanks for which to press your own buttonage? Cuz I can do either, assuming you don't want more than 20 buttons pressed.

And by "loan" I mean that I'll give you the blanks but you also have to take some pre printed Smithee Buttons to give out as well. Because I'm a lazy promotions ninja indeed. :P

Drop me a line at booniverse [big at sign] mac [small dot sign] com. We can work out the details.

Blanks and Buttons

Oh, I hadn't even thought of getting button blanks from you. That'd be even keener.

What I had originally meant was getting Smithee promotion buttons for the stole we're making for our event, which we made sure to set for Friday night so it doesn't clash with our attendance of the Smithees on Saturday.
Will contact you on the site about all this....

Seriously good turnaround

Just got my shirt today! Less than a week!

Re: Seriously good turnaround

Oh Squee! This means ours should be arriving any day now. WHEEE!