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anonymous kph

Can't spell Smithees without "S" or "M"

Whoops, how time has snuck up on me. As though I have been visiting another zone of it or something. I should have posted this "M" poll on Saturday past. It closes this weekend, or possibly Monday. Arbitrarily. Capriciously. Because it's funny.

Mmmm Mmmmm Bad!

Mad Foxes
the Magnetic Monster
the Man-Thing
the Mangler 2
Mean Johnny Barrows
Mega Snake
Menace From Outer Space
the Mephisto Waltz
Midnight Cop
Mighty Gorga
Mission 2+5 Hydra
Moon of the Wolf
Mosquito Man
Mr. Ice Cream Man
Mr. No Legs

Yeah, I know. No cut this time, either.

[EDIT: Another close one. 1 vote each for Moon of the Wolf, Mosquito Man, Mr. Ice Cream Man, and Mr. No Legs. 2 votes each for The Man-Thing and Mission 2+5 Hydra, which makes the 3-vote-getting winner Mega Snake. Now I just need to find where I put that one.]
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Mr. Ice Cream Man. Cuz it takes place in the hood and you will think fondly of my teaching job in the hood as you watch it. (I'm sure at least one bedraggled inner city teacher will show up in the movie).


Definitely need Megasnake in the Smithees this year, considering Matt Atherton, aka Feedback is a guest at Origins.

Re: Megasnake

Sadly this movie would most likely be on the...2010 ballot I think. I can't remember if the Earl closed off 2009's movie culling or not. I *think* he did but I'm also too lazy to look it up. I voted for it because there might also be some other snake movies in the same year. Heh.


I'll cast my vote for Mr. No Legs, because I'm curious how menacing he could be. Then again, he might not be the villain, and it might not be a horror movie. I'll go look it up, but that will remain my vote.

-Sean K.
So noted.
As much as both the "Mr."'s have appealing titles, I think I am required by law to opt for The Man-Thing.
Yes, the weaselboy is correct, I had to go with MAN-THING! Though "Mega Snake" is definitely first runner up in the Could Be A Porno Title department.
I think you have to vote for any movie with math in the title.

Found MegaSnake on DVD

found it at Walmart on DVD for $14.