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This is Your One Week Warning

Technically yesterday was the one week Origins warning but the Smithees were never big on technicalities. This particular One Week Warning is for the new Smithee Event at Origins:

Thursday, June 26th.
1pm to 5pm (or until the supplies run out, whichever comes first)

Color your own Smithee button! Bring your imagination and your coloring hand and we'll press you up your very own personalized Smithee button as you watch!

It's free, or it was originally until I noticed that for some reason it now costs $2 to come to our breezeway table and be your own Artiste. No worries, you can still mosey on over and make your own Smithee button without a ticket but if you happened to have signed up for the event, we've got that covered too. There's a little something extra planned for those of you holding tickets.

Anyway, come join us on Thursday and have a little Pre-show fun. Buttons are on us.


Our button blanks are in, we'll probably show up to use your cutting press. :P

And forget sgtrocknroll's request to borrow blanks... Our maker is a Badge-a-Minit, so they wouldn't work...
Oddly...I have Badge-a-minute button parts as well. I upgraded systems this past Christmas and haven't used all the supplies from the B-A-M. If you still need button parts I still have them, even for your button maker.

Just a note: The Button Biz buttons are ever so slightly smaller than the Badge-a-minute buttons so the punch will work, but the blanks won't fill the mold entirely. I haven't tested it out but in theory, the BB blanks should work with a B-A-M button; there just might be a little edge if you have some sloppage.

(Edited to add: Blanks = the printed part of the button. In case there was confusion)

Edited at 2008-06-19 01:26 pm (UTC)

I've got the 500ct box of blanks for both the wedding stuff as well as for my band to sell at shows. If you have the BaM blanks you just really want to get rid of, I'd accept that charity, but as for needing blanks, I think I'm set.

And as for that, I cut one out by hand the other day, and it was pitifully small. Button still worked okay. I think so long as it's larger than the diameter of the button itself, you're good.