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cake comes to frogtown

Birthday Shout-outs...I think

Since Sean-Whose-Name-is-Nate doesn't have an LJ account his birthday doesn't conveniently show up in the little friends birthday window. This makes things a bit more difficult to tell exactly if it is indeed his birthday today. Or maybe yesterday. Possibly even tomorrow. Well, whichever day it is/was/shall be happy birthday to you!

I also understand s-m was birthdaied just recently too. You will have to let me know the exact dates so I can keep better track!



Well, my birthday was on the 9th actually. But I appreciate the thought. :)

-Sean K.
Well then, my intel was wrong I guess. I have added your birthday to my big list o'birthday peeps so next year I will be prepared. And get it right. Huzzah!