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Smithee Blur

A Fifth on the Fifth!

Hey all you A2 locals! July is fast approaching and it occurred to me that July is an odd month. Thus, a Smithee drinking and general debauchery night. HUZZAH! We've picked the date as July 5th and of course the usual watering hole of The Corner Brewery. Happy hour begins at 8 so we'll be assembled then. It's also very likely that we'll bring some games in tow and all you locals are welcome to come with your favorite game in hand as well.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Drinking Ninja


Have a safe and fun trip to Origins!!
See you all on the 5th! :)


Dude! I am actually going to be in Michigan over that weekend! I will totally come to the drinking night! Yeah...

-Sean K!
Wr0XX0r!! This will indeed be very cool.