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wanna run

Mega-Meta 3 Category Recap 3 of 19: Wanna Run That By Me, Again?

There comes a time / when we heed a certain call / when the world / must come / together / and mock.

"Wanna Run That By Me Again?" is the category for a bit of dialogue which is so nonsensical, contradictory, or uncertain that the response of the viewer/listener is to stop, shake the head, and say, "Do you want to run that by me again?"

For five prime examples,

11 - Expect No Mercy
12 - Raw Deal
13 - Narcotic Justice
14 - Deathsport
15 - Make a Wish

I will try to keep this to the point, in complete opposition to the spirit of the category.

Expect No Mercy is a film starring Billy Blanks, of Tae-Bo fame. The clip, however, is of his nemesis -- the evil bad guy who heads the Academy. He rants on for a bit about how unfair the world is, concluding with this little gem of rationalization: "If the government can kill, then why can't I?"

Raw Deal does star The Governator of California (whose last name I can rarely spell correctly). He is in this clip, but the ranter is his wife. She's gotten drunk, and goes on about how just because we're in shape doesn't mean we're not fat! Then she throws a cake at Arnold.

Narcotic Justice stars nobody that you've ever heard of, or would ever want to. In this scene, our hero is trying to get information from an informant. Or maybe a random homeless guy approached them as they were shooting the scene. It's hard to tell by the dialogue, since Informant sounds (a) about twelve feet away from the microphone, and (b) like his mouth is full of marbles.

Deathsport stars David Carradine. In this scene, he's part of a group of prisoners attempting to break through a wall. They've liberated guns, and David has a plan for getting everybody out. They level their guns, and ... "Let's fire together, one at a time."

Make a Wish stars ... nobody ... but it's about lesbians camping in Texas, which is even better than starring somebody you've heard of. In this clip, Our Heroine is being bugged by some guy she knows. Random Redneck wanders along, and asks him to butt out. Why? "I just don't like to see ladies bothered by people who are bothering them. It's bothersome. Know what I mean?"

Just imagine what we could have done with federal funding!