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anonymous kph

N teresting!

I know that it's almost showtime for the last Hurrah! of Smithee 17, but it's also a Saturday where I need to post a poll so you (pl.) have time to vote before I (singular) need to close the poll and start watching.

N tense!

the Navy vs the Night Monsters
the New Barbarians
Nick Fury: Agent of Shield
Ninja Brothers of Blood
Ninja Phantom Heroes
Ninja Showdown
Nude for Satan
Nude on the Moon

I think that all these movies are potential Smithee winners, so I am really good no matter what wins. Which means most likely it'll be an eight-way tie.

[EDIT: Not quite an 8-way tie. Three movies with 1 vote each, the Navy vs the Night Monsters with 2, and the two "Nude" movies with 3 each. A tie! I shall break it! We will be Nude ... for Satan. Although I will consider watching Nude on the Moon if I feel generous. Um. And yes, I'm now pending three reviews for y'all. Are you happy now?]
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Ah, the "N" word... Ninja! All of those are great titles, though.


Nude for Satan and Nude on the Moon both sound ridiculous. I couldn't decide between the two, and ended up flipping a coin. Nude for Satan won, so that gets my vote.

-Sean K.
So noted.
Wow, two titles beginning with "Nude". Tough choice! But naked Satanists win out over naked aliens, I think, for me anyway.
Nude on the Moon looked so...I don't know what. Anyway, it got my vote :)
Nick Fury!

Because the Hoff may actually show up if nominiated!
Apparently the power of Nude on the Moon is such that it got me to vote for it over the comic book movie!
I do love how we are all pretty much titillated by the word "nude" appearing in the titles :) We rock!
I hate not voting for Nude on the Moon. It just kills me. But I just have to vote for The Navy vs. The Night Monsters. Especially since Badmovie told me that The Night Monsters are trees!

And that's what I did. [Using the Smithee_Awards account to record my vote in the actual poll, so don't count it again based on the comment. Unless you want to give me two votes. Which would be cool, because trees!]

Edited at 2008-07-01 10:00 pm (UTC)
As much as it pains me not to vote for Nude [fill in the blank] or Ninja [fill in the blank] I gotta agree with the Sultan. The Navy fighting tree monsters? Priceless!