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Garbage In Smithees Out

The Downhill Slide to the Weekend

Which means that it's closer to Smithee Nite Out than it was an hour ago.

And now it's even closer!

This Saturday is the chosen odd month Smithee Nite Out day and per usual if you are in or around the Ann Arbor area feel free to drop by the Corner Brewery around 8pm for some excellent beer and fun games. I'm thinking of dragging along 1KBWC: The Smithee Deck and I might also find room for Zombie Flux. If you have a favorite game bring that along too, the Brewery has a wikid game condusive atmosphere. Plus beer.



Can't wait!! :)
Oh, and my MST3k meet up pal (Roy), who was at the dinner, is coming too. And of course, Jeff is coming too!

I hear that I get to meet SwNiN!!!! Awesome!!!


Yes, I will be a man of less mystery...

Also, Zombie Fluxx is quite fun. :)

-Sean K.