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anonymous kph

O I might as well

Which "O" film should I watch? Keeping in mind that I only own "O"ne.


I thought I'd give y'all a poll this week, even though ... well ... the Poll Question pretty much says it all.

[EDIT: Not really that exciting a contest. Octopus 2: River of Fear it is!]
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Hmm. I guess I'll vote for Octopus 2, in that the title could be tentacle porn?
Yay--tentacle porn!


Hey this is just like the election in Zimbabwe, only you probably won't send the army to get us all to vote. Well, my vote goes to Octopus 2 as well.

But since when do Octopi live in rivers?

-Sean K.
Did I hear "tentacle porn"?
Even better, you heard, "yay -- tentacle porn!" Which is just not a phrase you hear often enough.

Unless you're a Cthulu worshipper.
Poor, poor other. Someone's gotta represent for the underdog, yo.