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anonymous kph

L is for Little Cigars

Y'all came very close with Little Cigars. Very close indeed, however you once again picked a film with at least one Smithee clip. In this film's case, exactly one.

A woman on the run from a mob boss meets up with a gang of midgets committing petty crimes. She convinces them to think bigger, and they start to make some real money. But a robbery foul-up (on that "one last job" two of the gang have to be talked into committing) leaves the movie with an almost nihilistic ending. Nobody dies (who doesn't deserve it), but no one gets off scot free.


Short review: It was no Let My Puppets Come. Thankfully.


You had me at "midgets".
I'll have to accumulate some more midget-centric movies, then there can be another shortbread / tater tot / etc. dinner-and-movie-night....
You are brilliant, bro. Don't forget about those mini-weiners (turn your dirty mind OFF) that you can make in a crockpot. I don't like them, but Jeff does (keep the dirty mind OFF)