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anonymous kph

Please Profess Preference!

Poll! Poll!!! Poll!!!!!!

the Patriot
Perdita Durango
Petey Whitestraw, the Devil's Son in Law
Phantom From Space
Predator Island
Prisoner in the Middle
Project: Shadowchaser

Psilent P.

[EDIT: Way to go, all! Every movie with at least one vote. Nice.... The winner is Petey Whitestraw, the Devil's Son in Law, but 2nd-place is important, because I suspect that'll turn out to be a comedy, and therefore Smithee-ineligible. And if so ... then Prisoner in the Middle got three votes, that's all I'm sayin'....]
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Some dude who reviewed the movie said, as a "pro", it is a:

"Groovy B-movie fun, you dig?"


I was thinking that you'd already done Project: Shadowchaser, but I checked and it looks like you guys did a sequel to it in a previous year.

I have seen Phantom from Space, and it is certainly a bad movie, but I have to vote for the silliest title by far: Petey Whitestraw, the Devil's Son in Law.

-Sean K.
We've done Project Shadowchaser 2 & 3. 1 & 4 both sit on my shelf, unwatched.

Petey Whitestraw is a Rudy Ray Moore film....
Prisoner in the Middle is the pure porn title winner.
Thanks, Slyon...we have something to titillate us now, since BadMovie didn't have any "naked" films to choose from.

Prisoner in the Middle sounded to me like a cruel and unusual game of catch...

Although there is no reason why we can't combine the two thoughts.


Mel Gibson sucks!

Re: Patriot

...and the awesome thing is that (this I should have been more clear about) it's a Steven Seagal film called The Patriot, where he plays an immunologist. I bet that virus/bacterium/fungus/whatever gets its ass kicked.