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Animated Ninja Technique

Happy 37th Guruated Birthday

Yes indeed, it is the Guru's birthday today and he is the magical 37. We're going out for some Big Ten Burrito lunch celebratin' on account. Because 37 is the tortilla birthday you know.


I finally figured out where the third one was!
I assume we're talking BTBs here? Which one were you missing? The State street by Hill one or the Packard by the Cheese Cheese Cheese shop one or the South U above Charlies one?
The one above the Charlies one. Which I didn't realize until I got together with alessar at Charlies on Tuesday.
BTB is the awesome! We've had them (from the Packard by Cheese Cheese Cheese) for dinner more times than I can count.

Happy birthday to the Guru!!!!!


Happy, happy! Joy, joy!

And I'm afraid I'm not familiar with BTB at all. They must have opened up after I left A^2.

-Sean K.