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Garbage In Smithees Out

movies, bad

Time again to count up how many Smithee movies the "Ann Arbor contingent" watched in the past year. As usual, the new count begins with the movie watched at the Guru's annual Shindig. So it's not precisely a calendar year.

Watched for 2009-2012, many of these ended up not being Smithee-appropriate. But they were watched for Smithee purposes, so logged here they go.

July 28, 2007 through July 25, 2008. Listed in alphabetical order.

5 Lady Venoms
5 Million Years to Earth
Alien Seed
Alien Terminator
Bare Behind Bars
Bells of Innocence
Blindman (partially - there were DVD problems, and we decided to shelve it for later ... although the first 15-30 min were more good than bad)
Boa vs Python
Bruce Lee Fights Back From the Grave
Catman in Boxer's Blow
Chupacabra Terror
Deadly Weapons
Devil Girl From Mars
Dragon Wars
Eat My Dust!
Escape from Galaxy 3
Exterminator City
the Female Bunch
Fury of the Wolfman
the Gun and the Pulpit
Hard Rock Zombies
the Horrible Dr. Bone$
the Jackhammer Massacre
Kraa! the Sea Monster
Little Cigars
Mega Snake
Monster Hunter
Night of the Lepus
Night of the Sharks
Nude For Satan
Nude on the Moon
the Nun
Prehistoric Women (the earlier one)
Project: Eliminator
Roller Blade Warriors: Taken by Force
She-Devils on Wheels
a Sound of Thunder
Tender Flesh
Terror Squad
Troll 2
Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women
Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies
Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell
Women's Prison Massacre
Zombie Honeymoon

49.5 films. By comparison, July 29, 2006 through July 27, 2007 was 61.5 films.

Slightly fewer than last year. Still working our way up to a good buffer. Probably another year at this pace, and we can back off a bit. If we want to. Because, you know, we can quit any time we want to.



I don't remember Bruce Lee Fights Back from the Grave being reviewed. Tell me there were clips from that!

I assume the half movie is Nude for Satan, yes?

-Sean K.
Blindman was the 1/2-movie.

Nude For Satan was rented and watched, but the review is not yet writter.

There are movies listed above that haven't been reviewed on the blog, but Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave was reviewed here back in December of ought-seven.

It has potential clips for Worst Cover Copy, Most Ludicrous Premise, Worst Picture, Wanna Run That By Me Again? (twice), Deus Ex Machina, Cutting Butter With a Chainsaw, and Alas Poor Yorick. So there's a decent chance that it will make the cut somewhere. In 2010.