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anonymous kph

Q "poll"

I don't actually own any movies that start with the letter "Q." I'm hoping to find one at a local video store, although the most recent sweep found me the Aaliyah vampire movie, several that we've already done for Smithees, and this charmer. Nevertheless, I'm keeping my spirits high. As it happens, I have three polls' worth of movies for the letter "S," so you can have a real honest-to-goodness poll this week.

S. Poll 1 of 3

Satan's Children
Satan's Supper
Scare Crow
Scarecrow Slayer
the Second Coming of Suzanne
Silent Night Deadly Night 2
Silent Night Deadly Night 3
Silent Night Deadly Night 4: Initiation
Silent Night Deadly Night 5
the Snow Creature
the Sons of Hercules
Space Rage
Star Knight
Supersonic Saucer

And at least 16 additional to potentially vote for in the upcoming few weeks....

[EDIT: Unless weird things ensue in the next poll, all five films with votes (Satan's Supper, Scarecrow Slayer, the Second Coming of Suzanne, Silent Night Deadly Night 4: Initiation, Space Rage) will be brought forward to the final poll.]
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I went for SNDN 4, just because they went to the trouble of giving it that little subtitle. You see, I like to reward that extra effort.


I have to go with Satan's Supper. It just sounds so mundane - the devil eating a meal. Although maybe I'm confusing it with My Dinner with Satan. ;)

And I've seen one of the Q movies you reference - Queen of the Damned. It was awful, but in a big budget Hollywood kind of way.

-Sean K.
Really there's only one porny-sounding name here.

I thought Aliyah was pretty good in Queen of the Damned, and I bought the soundtrack for all the good goth-industrial-techno-darker-than-thou stuff I dig, but the movie in general was pretty meh.
I just like the sound of Space Rage.

Supersonic Saucer is a close second, though, if just because I would think once you get to flying-saucer technology, you're way past the point where "supersonic" is all that impressive.
I agree, although I'm trying to think of another single word that has the "Really Bitchin's Fast" connotations of Supersonic but is even more high-tech. Ultrasonic, maybe? FTL just doesn't have the visceral oomph.
I'll mail you our copy of Quintet if you like. It majorly sucked.
Send me your snail mail address and it's yours with a complimentary mystery DVD. I may have to mail it after Gencon.
Nevermind, saw the email. Will have the hubby mail it while I'm away.
Woo-hoo! I sent you an LJ message e-mail thing with my PO Box info.