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anonymous kph

R "poll"

This will be part two of the S poll. There are several "R" movies to choose from, but booniverse called the letter "R" months ago, pretty much solely as an excuse to watch this film.

S Poll 2 of 3

Sasquatch Hunters
Shark Attack 3: Megalodon
She Creature
She-gods of Shark Reef
Sister Street Fighter
Skinned Deep
Sleepy Hollow High
Snakes on a Train
So Darling, So Deadly
Solar Attack
Speed Demon
Sting of Death
Strike of the Panther
Stripped To Kill
Supersonic Man

Only one more S movie to vote for.

Plus, of course, the vote-getters from this poll and last -- otherwise the suspense would be pretty much gone (see "O" poll).

[EDIT: All right! Eight votes split among six movies. All six movies that were voted for (Sasquatch Hunters, Shark Attack 3: Megalodon, She-gods of Shark Reef, Sister Street Fighter, Speed Demon, Stripped to Kill) move on to the final round of "S" polling. The "R" movie will be Rottweiler ... or possibly Raw Force.

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How in the HELL do you expect us to pick just one?!?! :) Using my "vote dirty" theme, I went for "Stripped to Kill". But I could have voted for many more.
I guess I could use checkboxes instead of radio buttons and allow people to vote for more than one.

Oh well.

Next poll will be really tough, since it will be last one's winners plus this one's winners plus Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny.
Speed Demon! Because there can never be too many shirtless guys in the Smithee Awards... or barely-subtextual homoerotic longing.
Oh man, no competition here, "Stripped to Kill" is the only porn name here. Though if there is barely-subtextual homoerotic longing in Speed Demon, then that is an acceptable substitute. The Smithees need more homoeroticism!
You rock, slyon! That is all :)

PS: I am delighted to read your user info re: things that do not interest you. Specifically, Seinfeld does not interest me. That show is not funny.
Tough call, but I went with Sister Street Fighter, just because it was referenced in True Romance.
Shark 3 because I've seen the ALAS from that one. NOM! Although I would not be adverse to Snakes on a Train in order to boost the overall feet of snake watched this year. And Sasquatch Hunters makes me giggle but Shark Nom wins.
I've actually seen a little bit of the She-gods movie and it was a real milk snorter. Filmed in Hawaii, the costumes are suitably skimpy for the weather. It sure gets my vote!