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Alien What

Birthdays? We Don't Need No...

Oh wait, yes we do because cake and booze and ice cream and presents all come with a birthday. Sometimes all at once in a sort of BoozeCakeIceCreamPresent. I don't have a BoozeCakeIceCreamPresent icon and I couldn't decide if theshunter was more deserving of a Chupacabra, some more Catman, maybe some Frogtown Cake, definitely a margarita (but how many? We have two, four and too many as icons, how does one choose?) or possibly a Cycle Toad. What do you get a long time Smithee groupee for their birthday? She probably already has a Chupacabra AND a Cycle Toad. So I went with the Alien because I'm confident that Thes does not have a confused gray. Happy Birthday!