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anonymous kph

S poll

out of town this weekend, so the poll ballon is going up! As a special "bonus," I linked these all to imdb.

I play no favorites with this letter. Starting with "T," the poll will alternate with no poll. "T" will be a poll. "U" is chosen (I just have one - Undefeatable). "V" will be a poll. "W" is chosen (I am watching the movie W). "X" will be a poll. "Y" is chosen (I just have one - Yeti: Giant of the 20th Century). "Z" will be a poll. Then it will be 2009, and I will have to come up with som--

[EDIT: Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny it will be! With a four-way tie for second place....]
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Why you do this to me?? How can I possibly pick???

Hey, can we do a bad movie night with one of the ones that loses??? :)
Yeah! Any one of them, or one in particular?
Well, let's see. Satan's Supper could be, uh, a supper party? Scarecrow Slayer could feature corn dishes or other harvest stuff. The shark ones could be fish dishes.

Silent Night could be saved until Christmas and we could have Christmas cookies. Just Christmas cookies, and nothing else.

I will not make any dirty comments re: Stripped To Kill.
Shark Attack 3 and Frankenfish would make for an amusing double-feature.

If we wanted to slit our wrists afterwards, we could all gorge on sugarplums then watch the 4 Silent Night Deadly Night sequels. The first movie was so slow that I started calling it Silent Night Deadly Dull.

Stripped to Kill would be good with ... foods that should have wrappers but don't...? Like if we cooked up a bunch of veggie corndogs, but then peeled the corn off...?
I vote for the fish night! Fish sticks!!!! Yahoo!!

But yeah...stripping foods would be interesting. Those tamales that Pilar makes need some help getting undressed and are yummy.
Yes, but will you make dirty comments about The Second Coming of Suzanne?
We could, uh, have white creamy things? Like potato soup or...icing?

(As an aside, there is a lovely skit in the last episode of The Kids in the Hall that deals with this issue :))


I'm tempted to vote for the first one, but I will stick with Satan's Supper.

-Sean K.
So noted.
The Second Coming of Suzanne. lol. Just lol.