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Ninja Grass

UCon Mini-Smithees is a GO!

Those of you who are local or semi-local, we'll be doing the A2 Smithee Primaries again this year at the University of Michigan's UCon. We're even listed under "featured events", is that not awesome? Anyway, we'll be running all the clips fit to print from the Ann Arbor delegation of the Smithees in hopes that you will come tell us what's good and what's only so-so. The where and the whyfor is:

UCon Mini-Smithee Primaries
Saturday, November 22nd
7pm to midnightish
Room: TBD
(We've been in the Wolverine room the past several years so hopefully there.)

Stay tuned for more exciting news as it happens!


Your stalker beer ninja and hubby will be there :)

Is there a Pizza House outing after?