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wanna run

Smithee Nite Out This Saturday 9/20th!

Just dropping in to post a remindery about this Saturday's Smithee Nite Out. As usual, we'll be hanging at the Corner Brewery with some games in tote. I'm thinking Apples to Apples and Carcassone will probably make the cut this time around. Of course, you are free to bring whichever game you want to this, we're non-game discriminatory here at the Smithee Awards. Happy Hour begins at 8, you'll find one or more of us there then.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Promotions and Gaming Ninja


There are definitely some things I miss about living in Ann Arbor. Have fun, y'all.
If ever you are back in town on an odd month give us a ring, we'll make that weekend the Smithee Nite out weekend. Our next big thang is UCon on Saturday, Nov 22nd if you can make it up. Otherwise, I believe we're looking at April 25th as the 2009 Ann Arbor Smithee Date.

Edited at 2008-09-19 01:02 pm (UTC)
Ask for mug #895
See you there!
Now Ima gonna hafta arm wrestle the rest of the A2 Smithee crew for first drinking rights! :)

Thanks bunches my stalker friend.