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Ninja Duck What??!?

Arrrrrr You Ready for Farrrrrriday?

Yes, once again it's International Talk Like a Pirate Day for those of you who need a little 'ARRR matey' spice in your life. I'm hoping the Earl writes up the 'R' movie (Rottweiler) we saw this weekend because that would just be karma no? Did he plan it this way so we'd be watching the R movie in time to write it up for Talk Like a Pirate Day? That's GENIUS! Except for the part where we actually had to watch the movie. If ever there was a movie that had no point Rottweiler might be it.

At least it had a Rottweiler in it.


Wow, reviewing the aaR movie on Talk Like a Pirate Day would be synAAAARgistic!