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one margarita film

Whose house? Run's house. Which house? Witchouse.

Or more specifically, Witchouse II: Blood Coven. There is a house, in New Orleans, but this is something else entirely.

An old house and accompanying forest are being cleared to build a new mega-mall. But the construction turns up four bodies in unmarked graves, and a university professor (grad students in tow) is called in to identify the bodies, if possible.

Turns out they were a coven of witches, betrayed by the townsfolk. In the process of acquiring DNA, the professor's hand slips, and her bone saw cuts into her finger, infecting her with "bone dust" from one of the corpses.

The next day, she whips up some batches of witch cooties from the other corpses, injects her students, and before long, we have witches in possession of human (well ... grad student) bodies.

The two unpossessed grad students take it upon themselves to roust the local witch hunter in an attempt to stop the coven's justified revenge.

This one came very close to being a decent horror film, but they had these Blair Witch Project interludes, which showed the result of Grad Student With A Camcorder's interviews. Subtract those bits, subtract Mister Wandering Accent, rewrite the ending just a touch, and this film might have been Good instead of Bad.

The "Welcome to Covington" sign has a little cutout of a witch on a broom. Subtle.


Nice! Animals and Run-DMC reference in the same post!