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Ninja Grass

Help a Ninja Out

It's about that time of year when I start thinking about the next Smithee season's promotional material. To that end, I thought I'd solicit your help in picking the quote button for the Smithee 18 season so vote below for one of five hand chosen quotes (heh). The winner will, of course, grace the buttons given away in 2009 at any one of our Smithee shows and you will know that you helped contribute. If your choice wins that is. Whatever, put a quote on my buttons!

Poll #1275440 Buttonation
This poll is closed.

Pick the quote that sings to you

"Evil must be opposed, even when it threatens morons." (Cryptz - 2002")
"If only I had studied Kung Fu instead of Ethics!" (Master Killer - 1978)
"Let's fire together, one at a time" (Deathsport - 1978)
"Your advice is as about as useful as whiskers on a sausage." (Blood Beach -1981)
"I have a system. Whenever I don't have a lead, I drink gin and wait." (Voodoo Black Exorcist - 1973)

I'll close the poll midnightish on Halloween because that sounds like a fun time to stop polling. [edited: Anonymous voters will be counted as per Smithee poll rules established by the Earl, which means I get tie breaker vote privileges. Muahahahaha!)

[Edit: Poll is officially closed and it looks like I get to be the tie breaker. Muahahaha! Am I feeling Kung-fuy or Morony? Hmmmmm! Lemmie think on it a bit]


I'm torn. I think my choice depends on if I'm looking for profound or stupid or something in between.
Yeah, I was looking through my quote file and discovered that there are quotes that are awesome and make me laugh and there are quotes that would be awesome on a give away button and a lot of the time they aren't the same quote.
I had to pick the one about the gin. You see, I tend to drink a beer and wait for inspiration, so....

See you'all this weekend!! :)
I just drink beer...
It was hard to pick between the top two. I think the last one is too long.

My 2 cents.
You may very well be right about drinking gin being too long. I just collect 'em when I see 'em and keep them in a word file for later use. Then again, the gin quote is only 5 characters longer than "It's going down right now at the international house of pancakes!" and the Guru was able to squish IHoP onto one button. *shrug*

But yeah, I tried to choose quotes from a range of Smithees as well as quotes that amused me. I don't even know which one I want!


Well, gosh. I have to vote for the Deathsport quote. It's just such a classic "Wanna Run...".

-Sean K.
So noted from this account.
...although really, I like any of the top three almost-best. And then the next couple just behind.
If you want a tiebreaker, my second choice is "Evil must be opposed, even when it threatens morons." My first choice was "I have a system. Whenever I don't have a lead, I drink gin and wait."
Oh no no no. That's the perk of being the poll master; I get to break ties. MUAHAHAHAHA! Although I might go totally random and flip a coin or something like that, depending on my mood. Heh.

Edited at 2008-10-14 12:44 pm (UTC)