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anonymous kph


It's time again!

A last-minute suggestion/request makes its way onto this list (thanks, darksumomo!). I might have just watched it straight-out instead of adding it to the poll, but I'd already coded up the poll, and I hated to have all that typing cutting'n'pasting go to waste.

Vhich moo-"V"?

Vampire Wars
Vampires vs Zombies
Venom Warrior
Viral Assassins
Viva Knievel!

Standard caveats apply. I was going to link these to the imdb, but I couldn't remember which Velocity is the one I have. It's also a problem for the movie Revenge. Yeah, I know. I really should double-check it.

But I probably won't.

[EDIT: Viva Knievel! survives the late Vampires vs Zombies surge to take first place. Question for anyone who actually checks back and reads this -- would your vote have changed if I had correctly listed Vampire Wars as Vampire Wars: Battle for the Universe?]
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Of course I voted for Viva Knievel!
Viva Knievel as well. Gene Kelly is in it!!! Jesus Christ, Gene--did the residuals from Singin' in the Rain run out?????


This time I'll go with a good-old fight movie, and choose Vampires vs. Zombies. If it's a Smithee-worthy movie, though, there won't actually be much fighting between the two types of monsters.

-Sean K.
So noted.