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People on Fire are Funny

Not A Giant Snake Movie -- not exactly

The most amazing credit appears at the beginning of Fire Serpent, and that credit is "created by William Shatner." I have never seen a "created by" credit on a movie that wasn't derived from another original source. Perhaps they mean that he bought the tequila that the writers got drunk on?

Let me cut to the chase and dispel the mystery of the Fire Serpents right away (or at least to the extent that the movie does). They live on (or in) the sun, and periodically solar flares deposit them on earth. As living fire, they can burn things, travel inside mundane fires, and possess humans (although this invariably kills the humans). They can be killed by being extinguished, which is easier to do when they're small than when they're large (but is not easily done in any case).

Jake Relm (Nicholas Brendon - "Xander" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) loses his partner to a weird flare-up when it seems that a fire just sucked his partner in. A strange old creepy guy stokes his suspicions, but this strange old creepy guy is being stalked by highly-placed FBI man Cooke (Robert Beltran - "Chakotay" from Star Trek: Voyager).

It turns out that the government has been studying these Fire Serpents for years, capturing them whenever they show up, and then testing them until finally they are extinguished. Unfortunately, Cooke has decided that these solar flare aliens are really biblical in nature, and are meant to bring about the end of times. So after containing this new Fire Serpent, he heads off to a U.S. government natural gas strategic reserve depot, and lets the sucker free.

Mayhem? Ensues.


Can we count them as snakes for the "Feet of Snake Watched" project?
...but how long is a fire?