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anonymous kph

...also starring half the Hollywood phone book

Viva Knievel! was tasty, tasty cheese, but it was not quite Smithee-flavored, even though in addition to Evel Knievel (duh), it also featured Gene Kelly, Lauren Hutton, Red Buttons, Leslie Nielsen (as the mob boss), Cameron Mitchell, Dabney Coleman, Frank Gifford, and our bestest bud Marjoe Gortner (whose motorcycle had wings). It was wicked awesome, but there were no clips. I checked.

Thanks for the tip, darksumomo, and rest assured -- karma works.

Next stop? Vampires vs. Zombies.


I thought old Evil might be up for a worst acting award--playing himself! LOL!

Oh, well. Thanks for checking it out and enjoying it!
It was definitely worth checking out. It came close at points, but no one spot really descended below that non-specific magic line....