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The Day Time Ended? Let me check the calendar. Is Tuesday good for you?

Completely unrelated to the Mayan calendar, The Day Time Ended takes place in an avant-garde-lookin' house on a ranch out in the California desert.

There was a triple-supernova, which occurred in the center of the galaxy several hundred years ago, the light from which is just now reaching the earth, and causing low-grade earthquakes and weird weather patterns. You know, the usual celestial weather turmoil.

Our protagonists are spending the night in their brand-new house. Over the course of the evening, they're visited by a strange little ballet alien, an aggressive flying telescope, a motorcycle gang of UFOs, and miscellaneous large peculiar monsters. They try to escape, but are unable to. Then they get scattered in time. Luckily, they all magically find each other in the distant future and are okay. Yay!

It's not that time ended so much as came unglued for them for a little while, then sealed itself back together. More like "The Day Time Escaped From The Ziploc Bag of Eternity's Kitchen."


"causing low-grade earthquakes"

Is there a planet sized Tylenol for that sort of thing?