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cake comes to frogtown 3

Halloween Birthday Greetings

Whenever I find that a Russian has friended the Smithee Awards I kinda wonder what's going on there. Are they looking to improve their English? Are they bad movie fans? Is it our cool icons? I wish I could read the language so I could read their LJs but alas. The Promotions Ninja never actually went to any of her Russian classes. Sadly, I find that most of the Russian friends unfriend us within a week and go off on their way. We understand, it takes some fortitude to be a Smithee regular and bad movies aren't for everyone. However, we have three long term Russians who have stuck it out with the Smithee madness for at least a year poputchik_ru, l33thax0r, and madkoder. I know they've been with us for a year because at the beginning of the year when I started the birthday thing I looked to see when their birthdays were. Alas, they do not have the birthday notice turned on so I decided to make today honorary Russian Smithee Friend birthday day. Happy "Birthday" you three.


Spambots generally don't have birthdays.
Aw, of course they do. They don't pre-date the existance of the universe (I know this for sure, because the creation of the universe and the order in which things were made was explained in interminable detail in the opening of Orochi). There was some day when their coding was finally completed and they came into the world, just like the rest of us.
Spambots probably don't post on their LJs as often as those three, though. I could be wrong -- but if so, then they're very talkative media-posty spambots.
In my book, any spam-bot with the cojones to call itself "133thax0r" deserves a birthday. I'll give double extra points for a spam-LJ called "spambot" 'cuz that's brassy yo.

((judging by the look of their posts, I'd say that there are real peeps behind the writing. It would help my suspicions if I could read Cyrillic))