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anonymous kph

What should be my "W" runner-up?

As previously mentioned, I have chosen W as my "W" movie. Not the Oliver Stone biopic, though. This one's about as old as I am, starring Twiggy, and subtitled "Terror is a One-Letter Word."

This poll is for second place, in case my W is a bad Smithee choice.

Which movie should I watch if W is a bust?

War of the Planets
Warning From Space
the Wasp Woman
Wiseguys vs Zombies
Wishmaster 4: the Prophecy Fulfilled

Remember why I didn't link the "V" movies to imdb? In this case, it's War of the Planets. I don't remember which one I've got....

[EDIT: 4 of 6 votes are for Wiseguys vs. Zombies, and so it is to this movie I will turn if W is not sufficient....]
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I voted for War of the Planets, although Wishmaster 4 has a lower rating on IMDB. Somehow, I think the former will have more potential for entertaining clips than the latter.
Well, one had more than two, which had more than three. At that rate, four will actually remove clips of other movies from my hard drive....
We actually have a copy of Wasp Woman. It has a REALLY good chance of winning worst science. Can you say "Royal Wasp Jelly"?


I vote for Wiseguys vs. Zombies. Why? Because there aren't enough Mafia horror movies in the world.

-Sean K.
So noted.