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anonymous kph

U is for Undefeatable

Much like it's bad luck to name a ship The Indestructible or The Unsinkable, a martial artist should never, ever claim to be Undefeatable.

Not that anyone in this film actually does. It's three parallel stories that converge with predictable (if violent) results.

In story #1, a cop (Nick) thwarts a robbery at a neighborhood market. In story #2, a therapist (Jennifer) recommends that her patient (Anna) leave Anna's abusive deathmatch-fighting husband (Stingray). In story #3, a woman (Kristi - Cynthia Rothrock) fights a street match for money to pay her sister Karen's college tuition.

Anna leaves Stingray, so he goes around mistaking other women for Anna, killing them (and any men that they might be with), and gouging out their eyes. One of the women he kills is Karen. Nick and his partner Mike try to figure out who is doing this. They even call in an expert on esoteric martial arts, who identifies some strange bruising as being caused by Chinese Dragon Claw technique.

Kristi goes out to seek justice, but has a knack for beating up the wrong people. At Karen's funeral, Jennifer and Mike meet. Jennifer was Karen's Abnormal Psych prof, and offers to help the cops profile the serial killer.

Jennifer figures out that the killer is probably Anna's husband (Stingray) at about the same time that he finds a letter from Jennifer's office and decides to Track Her Down and Make Her Pay. He captures Jennifer, but she uses her crazy-people-fu and nearly gets away. In the end, it takes the combined appearances of Kristi, Nick, and Mike to drive Stingray away -- but he fatally wounds Mike in the process.

Nick and Kristi visit Jennifer in the hospital when Stingray attacks again. This battle will be to the finish, and no one is undefeatable.

It could be argued, however, that the movie is unredeemable.

...and at the end, everybody except Nick is enrolled in community college to improve their life. It's a Movie with a Message.