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Evil Opposing Morons

Mini-Smithees HO!

Just a reminder that in 10 days we will be starting off the Smithee 18 season with the U-Con Smithee Primaries.

Smithee Primaries
Saturday, November 22nd, 7pm
U-Con Gaming Convention
Wolverine Room
Michigan Union, Ann Arbor

(intersection of State Street and South University)

ROOM: Arrrgh! Per usual I can't seem to find the room assignment but the past 3 years or so have found us in the Wolverine Room. THIS JUST IN (more or less): Wolverine Room has been confirmed! That would be the room past the info desk, through the Amir's (may I recommend a skim cappuccino) and then slightly more leftish. If we're not there, I'll post signs saying where we actually are. (Note to self: Make up signs.)

Also per usual, the mini-Smithees are all the clips the Earl and the Guru have collected this year so there could be less than 5 per category, there could and usually are more than five. And they aren't edited down to final show precision but on the plus side, you get a sneak peek at what will turn up in 2009. You also get the honor of helping out us Smith-ka-teers. We really need all the help we can get.


We really need all the help we can get.

Some would say you're beyond help! *rimshot*
Is needing help circular? Because we might be so far out that we come back!
Yes, Wolverine 7pm. :)
How do you figure this out (other than the whole Grand Pubah in Charge of Stuff thing or a Ouija board)? Am I fundamentally missing something here because I've never been able to find room assignments.
I'm staff and I checked the backend registration system. It'll be published in the onsite book.
My fiancee and I might just show up. Just hope there aren't any steep stairs like there were in the Chemistry Building.

So, will there be massive amounts of junk food here, too?
WHOOO! That'll be cool if you guys can make it. And there are only two short sets of stairs you have to negotiate if you come in the front way (or maybe three since the outer steps are like two runs of four). That said, I've wiped out more times on the Union steps than I have in the chem building.

Alas, on the junk food front the Union is kinda picky about the outside food so no.
Can't wait! :)
Sounds like the usual hideous fun. I won't be able to attend, but look for me at the spring A2 Smithees.