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anonymous kph


Only three movies do I have which start with X, hence the "XXX" in the Subject line.

X-actly which of these should I watch?

Three little movies in an itty bitty poll.

[EDIT: Xtro 3 takes the poll, 4-2-2! The power of the Divoff is strong with this one....]
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I voted Xtro, because I have this distinct feeling that that thing on the cover won't be in the movie.
I hadn't thought of "Worst Cover Art"--good call on your part!
I dunno ... the goofystupid critter on the cover of Xtro 3 turned out to be the alien in the movie!
Xtro 3! Cos it's got Andrew Divoff, and while I love him, he is always in really terrible movies (and he's only occasionally really terrible himself.) Though you might be somewhat lost if you haven't seen Xtro first, as I'm sure there is a lot of important plot backstory there...