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Do Not Want (new can)

I'm Being Stalked by a Smithee Movie!

For those of you who were at the Mini-Smithees this November past, you got to see a Christian Bale vehicle (or snippits of it) called Equilibrium…possibly for the first time. I usually get to see all the clips at least once before the show disc is finished so I got a sneak peek of the "goodness" a couple weeks before y'all. That said, Equilibrium isn't a movie I've seen start to finish so really, I got a preview glimpse of the amazing world of Gun-Fu just a few weeks ahead of y'all. It still makes me giggle.

Since the UCon show, Equilibrium has been weirdly showing up in my life. First, gizelnort picked that movie of all the movies we showed to look up and watch in full and then write about. That's not entirely out-of-the-blue weird since The Smithees generated the pique which bit his curiosity. However, last week I was surfing around the AMC site and stumbled on a column about religion in Sci-Fi and lo! Equilibrium was mentioned. That was a little coincidental.

Then, this past Tuesday, I got an e-mail from one of the ConBustites (complete with awesome photoshopped movie poster ticket jpg) inviting me to a movie night this Friday wherein they were showing…Equilibrium! It's a bit of a hike, Michigan to Massachusetts but also an oddly awesome coincidence. What are the odds that I'd both show up on the e-mail string AND they would have picked Equilibrium to show at their movie night? I either need to play the Lotto right now or request asylum in the witness protection program because I think Equilibrium is starting to cross the line between coincidental and creepy.

-Your Friendly and Now Somewhat Wary Promotions Ninja


I can still be #1 stalker?
Ty is #1 stalker. You're #1 cyberstalker, a position which remains, for the moment, safe.