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Movies We're Watchin'

December 'Footage of Giant Snake Watched' Update

Yikes it's getting on towards the end of 2008 and I still have one more snake movie to watch in order to up my snake footage from the current 659 feet.

150 feet of snake from Boa vs. Python (one at 70' one at 80' - double your money!)
60 feet of Mega Snake
80 feet of Boa
129 feet of Python (they changed it up from the original 80' because 80' is so yesterday)
170 feet of Python II in two snake installments of 85 feet (We think, snake 2 is never tagged and measured but is similar to snake 1)
70 feet of Komodo vs. Cobra wherein we also had to estimate snake length. We went with a general Boa length because it seemed about right.
659 feet of snake YDT

Until this morning, I had thought that Anaconda: Hunt for the Blood Orchid was the last giant snake movie out there so I fired up Netflix to quick rush it to my door. In case you were wondering…

The Blood Orchid is a rare flower found only in Borneo, and legend has it that anyone who can find it and keep it is sure to stay alive much longer than is presently possible. Eager to determine what gives the plant its power, a team of scientists, led by the steely Cole Burris (Eugene Byrd), set out for the jungle. But what they don't know is that the Blood Orchid is protected by anacondas made even stronger and deadlier by the mysterious plant.

However, Netflix has that neat little new Googlesque search thing wherein the most popular searches come up in a dialogue box so you can clicky and stop with the typing. Assuming your choice shows up that is. I was just going to search "anaconda", hope they all popped up and click "blood orchid". They did all pop up, including Anaconda III (or Anaconda: The Offspring). I can has two more giant snake movies? Then I read the blurb:

Believing that an elusive anaconda may hold the cure for a life-threatening disease, an enigmatic billionaire hires a mercenary named Hammett (David Hasselhoff) to track down and capture the reptile. But the snake has other ideas, and soon Hammett and his team find themselves in a battle for their lives against the giant serpent. Crystal Allen and John Rhys-Davies also star in this made-for-TV creature feature from director Don E. FauntLeRoy.

And popped that sucker to the tippy top of my queue. I hope that it's not too confusing to jump from Snake movie I to Snake movie III but I can't see how I can put "blah blah flower of youth and big snake" ahead of the "Hoffspring".

-Your Friendly and Reptilian Hunting Promotions Ninja


Could you quickly watch that movie with the guy and his "snake organ"? Soul Vengenance? That would add some, uh, inches o' snake :)
Awwww Patti. You as our official cyber stalker should KNOW that once a movie is in the Smithee database it is ineligible to compete in any future Smithees. Am I going to have to take back your title now?

Also, I'm beginning to worry about your fascination with Soul Vengeance...
Oh, I'm sorry...I should have been more specific--I meant just watch it just for its beautiful pleasure.

The first step in SVA (Soul Vengeance Anonymous) is to admit that you are powerless. I admit that SV has power over me...I want to take it back. I will update you when I get to the fourth step where I have to apologize to all those that I've hurt in pursuing the SV....
I *could* watch SV but I couldn't count it for snakage and there are PRECIOUS FEW DAYS LEFT THIS YEAR for me to get in actual snake watching.

also...heh. SVA.
You will get some avenging soul this Saturday!!!