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Evil Opposing Morons

Motor Home Massacre

To my surprise, Motor Home Massacre was not as bad as I expected. Understand that my expectations were very low, so this is faint praise; but the movie does deserve some applause. The direction is snappy, and I liked the use of fisheye lens. The parts that were slow didn't lag. The script and acting were above what I expected, solidly in USA Up-All-Night territory (this movie would have made a decent entry). And the orange bullet-shaped motor home was a classic*!

* For certain kitschy values of classic.

The plot is fairly basic. A group of early-20-somethings are going on a weekend vacation. Unfortunately, there are grisly murders at the camp site. They are warned away, but continue on. Only to discover upon arrival that Crazy Redneck Dude was not pulling their chain, and the Sheriff won't let them leave until morning (because of the ... because ... who knows why not?). They meet an attractive young woman who recently went through a bad breakup, and is out camping alone (well, alone with her dog) to take her mind off her ex-military ex-boyfriend. Hmm....

Bodies start to pile up, and survivors begin to turn on each other (okay, really it's just Roger the Cowardly Designated-Asshole wanting to run away without waiting for those who are lost in the woods). In the end, breasts are bared, blood is spilled, the assholes are killt dead, and the nice ones live. The motor home makes it through okay, too. I know you were worried about that.