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Kung Fu instead of Ethics

Predator Island

Just sit right back on your couch right there while I spin a yarn for you,
It started with six horny teens, and lighthouse keepers (two).

...anyway, Predator Island is another one of those movies that is more low-budget and ambitious than particularly bad ... but it had one important facet that Motor Home Massacre lacked: clips!

A half-dozen college kids are out for a joyride in a boat. The lighthouse keeper and his wife spot them, and they all wave at each other.

Suddenly, a meteor strikes! The weather gets rough. The engine cuts out. The radio cuts out. They are adrift near The Lighthouse at Hell's Beacon (which would have made a more poetic name for the film).

Suddenly, it gets dark! The weather is still bad. The engine is still out. The radio is still out. The boat is drifting close to some rocks. The kids don life vests and go ashore. The lighthouse keeper and his wife rescue the kids (or at least the five that come ashore).

Suddenly, something kills the lighthouse keeper's dog! An alien attacks the group. It can possess bodies (or perhaps instead it disguises itself -- that part is unclear). The alien can run fast enough to keep up with the truck, yet is quiet enough to sneak up on people. Luckily (for them, not it), it's not bulletproof. The survivors manage to kill the alien using dynamite, and return to the house to regroup.

Suddenly, it turns out that one of the survivors was an alien in disguise! The audience was lead to believe it was the lighthouse keeper's wife, but instead it was the blonde that the sole surviving college male just had sex with. Oh, snap!

No bridge, no plane, no Boblo boat,
not a single way to leave
from an island full of "Predators",
they're screwed, I do believe.