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cake comes to frogtown

Merry Happy Goodness and Wonderment!

And in true Smithee fashion, our gift to you will be at least one movie review a day between now and the end of the year. The gift that keeps on hurting.

Let us begin with one that is short and squeet, Terror Toons.

You know how Troma-produced pictures can be gory, violent, frankly a lot of fun, and yet entirely unsuited for Smithee purposes? Terror Toons is a lot like that. It's a good choice for a late-night pizza-and-snacks-and-bad-movies party. Either with or without (*ahem*) Strip Weegee [sic].

The scariest thing about this film? Two sequels!


Um. In the credits, it has two actresses (Lizzy Borden and someone else) playing Cindy (as Lizzy Borden and the other actress). Huh?!?
No, they're sisters. Cindy and Candy.