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quixotic & grimly whimsical

The Killer Nun

Word to the wise: The Killer Nun is not a movie to watch if you have a thing about needles. There's a wee bit of morphine abuse. I'm just sayin'.

Sister Gertrude has a problem. When she gets near a scalpel, she hears spooky theremin music that drives her to angst! angst! ANGST!

She does eventually get around to killing, but she spends some time as The Angster Nun first.

Luckily, her roommate, co-conspirator, and wannabe-lover, Sister Mature (*snicker*), is adept at cleaning up after Sister Gertrude (destroying evidence, faking patient suicides, and the like).

Or maybe not. Even since Sister Gertrude had that brain tumor removed, she has strange blackouts and intense headaches. Nobody will prescribe her anything (it's as though they expect her to simply suffer, just because she's a nun or something), so she self-medicates.

Mysterious murders (well, mysterious to the lay nurses, administration, and nuns -- the patients figure it out pretty much immediately) begin to happen. At first, they're simply written off as accidents, but their frequency increases, until....

There is, of course, a shocking twist -- unless you've been actually watching the movie, in which case, you saw it coming. Anita Ekberg plays the title role, and even though she spends some time in civilian clothing, she never entirely kicks the habit.