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Soul Vengeance

Death Drug

What's that? You want to see an anti-angel-dust movie that is not The Avenging Disco Godfather? It should be made in 1978, and feature someone who later becomes famous in a weird shoehorned-into-the-film music video? He should get a PCP-flashback in a supermarket and go berserk? Is Philip Michael Thomas (the guy from Miami Vice who wasn't Don Johnson) famous enough for you? If so, then the film you think you want to see is called Death Drug, and it's a doozy.

PMT plays an up-and-coming musician who works as a plumber in his day job, and has an attractive (and supportive) wife. This all falls apart after he gets some success, and starts smoking sherm. This makes him hallucinate. It also makes him paranoid and irritable. He very quickly loses (or as the cover would have it, "looses") his job, his recording contract, and very nearly his wlife. Luckily, his wife is pregnant, and his painfully-white friend convinces him (as they're out jogging) to give up the sherm.

The film's credits might as well say "Co-starring The Gap Band," since they perform a couple times during the (only 70-minutes-ish long) film. It also features newscasters, the freeway!, a random music video of PMT's called "Just the Way I Planned It," a hairbrush that turns into a baby alligator (which pattimst3k thought was a big let-down), and a scene where PMT's acting gets so melodramatic that he actually foams at the mouth a bit.


They really blew it...they had such a great chance to make the hairbrush/alligator into an awesome scene and they didn't.

OTOH, the prologue and epilogue by PMT were superb. And we learned that this was the most important work of his career.