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Ninja Grass

First Smithee Night Out of 2009!

I know it seems like we just were at the Corner Brewery but that was how 2008 liked to roll. It also could be that there really aren't that many days between November 36th and January but whatever the reason, tis the season for gathering, gaming and general Smithee fun. This month we've decided that January 24th looks about right for some Smithee Nite Out action so I hope your calendars are relatively clear for some portion of the evening. Happy Hour starts at 8pm, we'll bring some assorted games to play.


Ooooh, I just asked Jeff to ask you via WOW when the next beer night was. He said that he didn't want to ask that on WOW (not sure why). But since we have such great minds, you and I, you sensed my wonderment and posted. Thanks, my friend. Thanks.
PS: Plz bring that Apples to Apples game again.
Can do!
My fiancee and I went to the Corner Brewery last Sunday and really enjoyed it. The experience might be enough to convince us to come to Smithee Night Out.
OoooOoooo! Do come! We have a good time playing misc. odd games and generally hanging around. Plus, it'd be fun to see more Smithee faces other than at the Shows. We usually don't get to spend much time talking with people when we're doing the show thing and that is a sad.