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zarth arnonymous

Polls? What polls?

People seemed to like the "26 movies in 52 weeks" polls (or at least y'all voted in them). Should I/we keep going with the regular(ish) polls? I have some thoughts, but what kind of polls would you like to see? And are they preferable to simply posting a chunk of text (er ... like this here) and asking you to respond?

People whose birthdays are in January, represent! I (badmovie) will watch a Smithee movie for you. Would you like to see the list of movies that I have, or pick one of your own volition(s)?

You all lead off the year, so steal some bases for us, okay?


You know, I always find it sort of disconcerting when badmovie or someone else uses this icon, since this photo makes Zarth Arn look uncannily like the Guru (or at least, like the Guru would look if he was a plastic-clad space villain). So, when I see this icon, I automatically think, "oh, here's a post from the Guru." And then, when it's not, it jars my reality.
What jars MY reality is when you don't use the Australia Sultan Hat icon! But I do love to see the other Sultan icons used so huzza icons!


P.S. I never thought about it but Anon Zarth DOES look like the Guru. I guess he has a Halloween costume idea for this year now.
Hm... I thought I was going as Commander Crais from Farscape...
January Birthday Representing! I have no specific movie for ya, but I would like to suggest watching a movie from an under represented genera in the Smithee database. The Guru said that we don't have too many Romance flicks (although they tend to be romantic comedy), I thought maybe a straight Western or possibly a Spy or Espionage flick might be a change of pace. I leave the genera choosing up to you, as long as it's something newish and different.