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anonymous kph


Actually, more of a wrap-up. Some thoughts on the "26 movies in 52 weeks" schtick, and some numbers. Okay, a bunch of numbers. I like numbers. Basically, a breakdown of how many clips each movie had(*), and how many clips each category contained. 26 movies are not enough to fully populate an entire Smithee show with clips (and certainly not enough to do it with quality clips), but it gets pretty close.

Count by category:

Most Ludicrous Premise - 11
Oblivious - 9
Wanna Run That By Me Again? - 6
Let's Up the Rating to "R" - 10
Alas, Poor Yorick - 7
Deus Ex Machina - 6
Stupidest-Looking Monster - 7
Worst Science - 4
Best One-Liner - 5
Worst Cover Copy - 7
Cutting Butter With a Chainsaw - 4
Inane Dialogue - 9
Whoops! - 4
WHAT?! - 4
Acting Appropriately Stupid - 8
Worst Special FX - 9
Crummiest Ending - 7
Worst Acting - 5
Worst Picture - 7

It doesn't particularly surprise me that Most Ludicrous Premise was the #1 clip category, given that it's one of the few bases that you can select a Smithee film reliably for without watching it. But if you'd asked me to guess, I would have guessed Let's Up the Rating to R or Inane Dialogue. In a way, I'm surprised that there were so few movies with an Alas Poor Yorick clip. I'm not surprised that Worst Science and Cutting Butter with a Chainsaw are two of the leaner categories ... some years they're a struggle to fill. Whoops! and WHAT?! are some years fat and some years lean.

Count by movie:

Alien Terminator - 7
Boa vs Python - 7
Chupacabra Terror - 4
Druids - 1
Escape From Galaxy 3 - 11
The Female Bunch - 3
The Gun and the Pulpit - 2
Hard Rock Zombies - 10
Inseminoid - 10
The Jackhammer Massacre - 4
Kraa! the Sea Monster - 5
Little Cigars - 1
Mega Snake - 8
Nude on the Moon - 3
Octopus 2: River of Fear - 9
Prisoner in the Middle - 4
Queen of Black Magic - 4
Rottweiler - 10
Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny - 3
Thunder Warrior III - 6
Undefeatable - 12
Vampire Wars: Battle for the Universe - 6
W - 1
Xtro 3 - 5
Yeti: Giant of the 20th Century - 9
Zipperface - 6

Off the top of my head, I would have picked Escape From Galaxy 3 as the film with the most clips, and it probably has the most high-quality clips (Oraklon's beard!). Undefeatable is certainly a good, close 2nd (1st).

Eight of these movies do not exist on DVD (so far as I can determine), so it will be a bit of a pain-in-the-ass editing process come Smithee 20, which is where I've projected these.

In the end, I watched 32 movies for the 26-movies-project, because at some point the "watch one movie from each letter of the alphabet" thing became "get clips from one movie from each letter of the alphabet."

The hardest thing about the whole project was keeping to the one-every-two-weeks bit. Some weeks I would get done early, and be ready to start watching the next letter well before the next poll was posted. Other weeks life kept intervening, and I had to push it until the last possible moment (literally in the case of Escape From Galaxy 3).

On the other hand, it was a great excuse to watch bad movies (as though I needed one), and I always had a ready answer to "So, what do you want to watch?"

(*) Capped at one clip per category for movie for count purposes. For practical purposes, many of these movies had multiple possibilities for certain categories (like last year's Night of the Demon, with its three good "Alas, Poor Yorick" options).


What was your favorite? (I'm guessing Escape from Galaxy 3). Which hurt the most to watch?
Escape From Galaxy 3 was my favorite, yes. Least favorite? That's a toughie. Xtro 3 and Inseminoid were both painful. Little Cigars was painful with midgets, which I guess makes it a little less painful. Hard Rock Zombies had that Hitler Sex Scene.