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Ninja Duck What??!?

Patti's Anaconda II Don't Want Some

I got in my final giant snake movie for a year of snakes and...Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid" is just a little too good a film for Smitheeage. Color me surprised since the first Anaconda movie was iffy and the third was definitely clippable but 2? It's a decently solid movie. We did find an F/X that we thought pegged the lame meter, but it wasn't the snakes. Color us even more surprised (the 16 box Crayola for this one) that the snakes were done well. What wasn't done so well is one insert still of a jungle establishing shot (complete with a waterfall. Yeah, if you are going to have to insert a still for whatever reason, including a water fall isn't in your best interest).

On the other hand, the boat captain was HOT so I forgive the jungle still.

I'm still counting the snakes though because we watched the movie for Smithee purposes and there were giant snakes. Six confirmable giant snakes although there were probably as many as a dozen or so. They didn't say how long the snakes were (which in lunargeography's mind makes this a poorer Giant snake movie than the ones which go about touting their snake footage for all to admire) but they are definitely the smallest of the giant snakes we've seen. I'd estimate 50 feet in length as the snakes seemed about as long as a semi trailer.

150 feet of snake from Boa vs. Python (one 70', one 80')
60 feet of Mega Snake
80 feet of Boa
129 feet of Python
170 feet of Python II (one 85', one ~85')
70 feet of Komodo vs. Cobra (estimated)
218 feet of Anaconda III: The Offspring
300 feet of Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (six snakes, estimated)

Total footage of snake watched in one year: 1177 feet of snake.


Oh yeah, that captain is hot (from the pix I saw on the interwebz). Did they show his anaconda in the movie?? :) Hee hee.

Unrelated Question.

Have you done anything with Kingdom of the Spiders, with Shatner, yet?

And I found a DVD at my local video store that was going out of business...called Deer Woman. Haven't seen it yet, but by the back description it sounds like Killer Native American Were-Deer that tramples men in the throws of sex. Co-written and directed by John Landis.

Re: Unrelated Question.

No Kingdom of Spiders in the Smithee Database (at least the one open to the public...I'm too lazy to look and see if someone has done this for future Smithee ceremonies) and I doubt that the Earl is going to be watching that one so it'll have to fall on one of the others to view. If I remember when I get home, I'll put it on the NetFlix queue if they have it.

Hee. Weredeer. So long as the guys are going at it in front of some big ol' lights I can't see where they would be in any danger.