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Ninja Grass

Remindery: Saturday January 24th

is the official January Smithee Nite Out at the Corner Brewery. lunargeography and I are hoping to premier a new-to-the-area game which is part Nanofictionary, part Smithees and all fun. This is assuming that we can make the cards all in one night. I have oodles of Sharpies, it should be a breeze right? RIGHT!

Anyhow, we'll be hanging out at 8pm-ish give or take so come by and say "hey". Bring a game if you want or just chill with us crazy folks. And remember "Red Snapper. Very tasty."


Oh yes! Yes oh yes!
I use markers every single day (everything has to be rewritten for the kiddos) and I can assure you that Sharpie smell produces a different buzz than, say, the dry erase markers. Yet, crayola markers have a scent all their own. It's quite amazing.