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cake comes to frogtown 3

33 Birthday Movies?

I haven't posted any Birthday Shout outs yet this year (which allensmithee might have noticed and green_key might notice in a couple of days) because I have an idea. It's kinda like the Earl's 26 movies in 52 weeks except it's more 33 movies in 12 months. Yes, indeed, my crazy notion is to watch a Smithee movie in honor of each and every one of y'all's birthday. Man, January is going to be difficult.

We've already watched one for Mr. Smithee, which I do believe the Earl has written up in draft form somewhere. Stay tuned to find out about Suzanne!

If you are wondering how this is going to meld with the Earl's "Suggest a Birthday Month Movie" that's the simple part. Anyone who has a suggestion gets that suggestion watched for their birthday. If you don't suggest, we pick. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Let the insanity begin!


The Smithees night out is still on for Saturday? If so, what time again?

As for suggestions, I'll take anything off these lists that hasn't been screened before.


(Psst, I posted that just yesterday! But did I put the time? Hmmm. can't remember, too lazy to look it up. 8pm is the there-abouts time, Saturday is definitely the day)
...I didn't see your name on the birthday list ... does LJ know your birthday? If it doesn't, then we don't. However, you can rectify this....

(from those lists, I have An American Werewolf In Paris, Nukie, They Saved Hitler's Brain, Robot Monster, The Curse of the Cannibal Confederates, Liquid Sky, and many films of Godfrey Ho -- so there should be one left no matter where in the calendar your birthday lives)
I thought I told LJ my birthday, but I guess it got hidden somehow during the profile format change. In any event, it's September 21st.

On your other point, your suggestions amaze me. Liquid Sky, Nukie, They Saved Hitler's Brain, Robot Monster, and The Curse of the Cannibal Confederates aren't listed on the Smithees site? I would have thought at least Robot Monster would have made it there by now.
Robot Monster is almost a classic. I've been toying with that one for a while now. Still haven't pulled the trigger and watched it. Heck, it was only a year or so ago that I watched up The Killer Shrews.
Yeah, The Killer Shrews were starring at me from a shelf in Video Vault for years, from behind their homemade case (apparently the original box got damaged beyond repair at some point), but I never actually got around to bringing them home with me. And now I never will.

My Birthday is on Feb 5th.

What timing!

For my movie....hmmm...don't want to wound your minds too badly...

Toxic Avenger 4: Citizen Toxie.

Re: My Birthday is on Feb 5th.

You're on the list! In fact, there's a three-day birthday run in the first week of February.

Although ... in general we find that the honest-to-gosh Troma-produced movies (Terror Firmer, Sgt Kabukiman, NYPD, etc) are too far tongue-in-cheek for Smithee consideration. Do you have some alternate preferences? Would you like to see the whine list?

Re: My Birthday is on Feb 5th.

Indeed, so the Netflix queue was required for emergency Smithee purposes, so there will not be an arrival of TA4:CT by tomorrow. Would this suffice? Or is it a little too rock'n'roll and not enough country?