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Movies We're Watchin'

Phantom From Spaaaaaaaace

Alrighty then, it's time to discuss 1950s b/w space threat movies, specifically Phantom from Space (which we watched for green_key's birthday).

This movie started out in that typical 1950 sci fi narrated fashion and promised a story about a terrible disaster which was narrowly thwarted while humanity slept peacefully unawares. They also threw in a poo-ton (keepin' it PG here) of technogarble which got to be both tedious and impressive. The first 15 minutes of the flick was a blow by blow tracking by radar of the mysterious object to the point that it sounded like an intergalactic travelogue. 1900 hours radar picked up something over Barrow Alaska going 5,000 miles per hour bearing 45 degrees south east. 1930 hours it was again sighted in Anchorage Alaska going 3,000 miles per hour bearing 16 degrees south south east. 1950 hours...alllllll the way to California. Yeah. We got to see a lot of spinny radar equipment though.

Spaceship lands, invisible alien in a diver suit menaces people, the communications commission tries to figure out what's going on and the meddling news reporter gets in the way. Hey, that's like 30 different 1950s space movies recapped right there! Anyway, the scientists get all sciency and figure out that the alien is super-human because he is humanoid and super intelligent because he has a hand with an opposable thumb. Sucks to be dolphins, AI and intelligent gaseous beings I guess. The alien also breaths a methane-ish atmosphere and the communications commission nabbed his diving suit. D'OAH!

So in the end, the movie was really about a crash landed alien who was unfortunate enough to be found by an idiot gang of scientists who took his gear. The cadre of scientific stupid then spend more time postulating stuff and less time figuring out the poor alien's code for NEED HELMET! CAN'T BREATHE! If Elliot hadn't fed E.T. and instead called his mom and dad, this would have been the same movie (swapping an extendo-head Earth atmosphere breathing alien for a methane-ish breathing invisible humanoid alien). Le sigh.


Bad movies for my bday - score! Except that is sounds utterly boring and not even very mockable. Alas. Back to the drawing board.
Yeah...we tried to pick the best movie that we had and we though Sith...Phantom! Sadly, it did turn out kinda lame but also amusingly mockable in our own MST3K kind of way. It was no Suzanne that's for sure! Have a Chupacabra as a consolation prize.